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Discover the Best Areas to Invest in London and the UK

Generating rental income from investing in properties is all about the yield.The smart investor needs to invest in the best yielding location, but there is noeasy way of knowing where this is. There are many factors that affect the final outcome.Wouldn’t you want to know how to keep all these factors in the game, without having to do years of research?

Needs of renters often change, and we all know that supply and demand directly affects the rental price and, subsequently, the yield. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more in the game that will determine the final number.

Best Areas to Invest in London

Let us Mention Just Some of the Factors that Might Directly Affect the Yield :


How many necessary amenities are in the area (schools, public transportation, health services, etc.)


Whether it is an area where there is ongoing construction (which can affect the satisfaction of residents .


If there is neighborhood
security (both day and night)


Whether the area has the possibility of flooding or


The quality of construction of a specific building andthe buildings in the area in general

All these factors —and many others—will affectthe yield that you are getting, and it would be too time-consuming for anyone investor to gather the data necessary to calculate all of them in and determine what you can expect from a specific property purchase.

Make no Mistake, Small Differences in Yields Cumulate to Huge Amounts over the Years. Find the best rental yields in London.


However, we are here to provide some useful info. We conduct all-encompassing statistical research and would like to give you some insight into what we have discovered so far!

YieldPal’s data is the result of thousands of hours of research every month. YieldPal brings you up to date data can you can use to make educated decision about where to invest and what to invest in, boosting your yearly returns.

Using our data, you will quickly discover the best areas to invest in London, month after month to generate cashflow, So what are you waiting for? Download one of our spreadsheets now to take advantage of this research.

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